Aunt Nay’s Cookies & Treats



About Us

Making treats have been my passion for many years and expanding was a step of faith. As a homemaker and business woman I took joy in serving my family, friends and those within my community and turning my love for baking into a full time career has been nothing but a Blessing. Seeing our customers/clients smile keeps me going and finding out that our treats has been a conversation piece that has brought smiles to many faces during joyous and not so joyous occasions! The one story that stands out was at a funeral. The family members were at the repast and as they were eating Aunt Nay’s Nana Pudd’n, I was told that they started comparing others and as they began to talk about our Nana Pudd’n (one of many treats) that they began to laugh, smile and saying to one another that “THIS IS THE BEST BANANA PUDDIN HANDS DOWN!” It lifted the heaviness and brighten the room. Aunt Nay’s cookies and treats is definitely a ministry of LOVE!