Cute as can Bee by Cailee B.



About Us

Cailee Bess better known as “Cailee B.” is all about positivity and self love! Like many other 3 year olds, Cailee is curious, determined, strong-willed, and strives to be independent. She’s fearless and a true risk taker. Since birth Cailee has been a fighter and ready to take on the world! Born at only 27 weeks and weighing in at 2.1 pounds, she has already overcome many obstacles, and has proven that girls really are tough! Her colorful and adventurous imagination has led her to take on the journey of entrepreneurship. Through Cute as can Bee by Cailee B. she hopes to be an inspiration to women and girls of all ages.

Bee Refreshed Cutie Juice by Cailee B. is an addition to Cailee’s Cute as can Bee by Cailee B.