Underground Cookie Club



About Us

Our specialty is Ice Cream Sandwiches, all made locally by hand, each one uniquely designed for its flavor profile.

The Cookies, brownies, and even ice cream is all made in shop allowing us to completely design the best ice cream sandwich possible. Making sure that you will not have anything like one of our ice cream sandwiches anywhere else.

We craft super premium ice cream using 16% fat from Michigan cows located at Country Dairy Farms.

We also craft all our own toppings when possible for our ice creams sandwiches, such as cookie dough, chocolate PB flakes, & cake pieces to name a few!

During the summer months you can find our sandwiches in our full assortment. Including vegan/dairy free and gluten free options.

Visit our shop for select flavors of pints available and our new line of gourmet popcorn from Popantix.